Homology (from Greek ὁμός homos "same" and λόγος, logos, " word, speech, sense "; adjective: homologous ) denotes

  • Homology (biology), evolutionarily related matches of features of different systematic taxa
  • Homology ( genetics): genes that have a common origin, are homologous
  • Homology ( mathematics), a sequence of mathematical groups that are associated with a different mathematical object
  • Homologous series, the similarity of chemical substances, which can be represented collected on a general empirical formula
  • Homologous temperature is the temperature that is based on the ( absolute ) Melting point of a material. For solids it can accordingly be between 0 and 1.

Homologue referred to ( as a noun )

  • Homologue (linguistics), linguistic expression that represents its form an example of its importance

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