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Homonhon is the Philippines related island. It is politically associated with the province of Eastern Samar and is part of the autonomous community managed to Guiuan. The island marks the eastern edge of the Gulf of Leyte. It is located west of the island of Leyte and is below the southern spur of the island of Samar. It has an area of 20 km.


After crossing the Pacific passed the three ships that were left over from Ferdinand Magellan's fleet, the islands of the Marianas and arrived on 16 March 1521, the island Humunu (former name of the island Homonhon ). Here we went ashore to stock up on more supplies. Shortly thereafter, the fleet of boats of the local Rajah Calambus was discovered, who ruled over the neighboring island of Limasawa. The language of the locals was Magellan's Malay slaves and interpreters Enrique Melaka known as the first man was of his home region reached again after a trip around the Earth. By means of an interpreter Enrique succeeded Magellan to contact with the ruler of Limasawa connect and share with him gifts.

The day they landed was a Sunday during the festival in honor of Saint Lazarus and today marks the arrival of Christianity in the Philippines.

Magellan himself gave the island the name " Homonhon ", which means " Island of the waterhole full of good character".