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Homopholis fasciata

Homopholis is a genus within the family of geckos.

Way of life

The animals are nocturnal and crepuscular rocks and tree dwellers, mainly feed on insects. They settle mainly savannas and dry forests. They are often found on acacia.


Homopholis fasciata is found in Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania. Homopholis mulleri in the northern Transvaal and Homopholis walbergii in Nigeria, as well as in eastern South Africa. For this gecko there is also the scientific name Homopholis wahlbergi because Smith in his first description mentions both versions of the name, in which he expressly refers to a Mr. Walberg. The Swede Walberg was the discoverer of this kind


  • Homopholis fasciata ( Boulenger, 1890)
  • Homopholis mulleri Visser, 1987
  • Homopholis walbergii (Smith, 1849)