Honda CB250N/CB400N

1978 Honda replaced with stylistically revised ( new ) two-cylinder models 250/400 N is only a year before new models come out of the series 250/400 T, as well as with two cylinders. The thus introduced Euro -look should emphasize the relationship to the larger displacement four-cylinder Honda CB 900 Bol d'Or. The internal type designation CB 400 T was maintained, only the sales name was changed to CB 400 N. The model CB 400 N is closely related to the CB 250 N, so that Honda partially released the same manuals.

The Honda CB 400 N must not exceed 400 Four be confused with the earlier same displacement, small four-cylinder Honda CB.

Early CB 400 N are the front with a single brake disc, late models with a dual front disk brakes, and all equipped at the rear wheel with a drum brake. With its five-speed transmission ( earlier models) or six-speed gearbox ( later models ), it is still regarded as economical and suitable as a beginner machine.

The CB 400 N has open 32 kW (43 hp), but has been available in Germany because of the insurance classes usually throttled in a factory at 20 kW ( 27 hp ) version. The throttling is done elaborately on the camshaft. There have been isolated further Dosse lungs at 17 hp, but these were not manufactured by Honda in the series. They were with accessories made ​​by dealers in a primitive way (narrowing of the intake side or exhaust side cross-sections by means of inserted tube pieces ) and are usually recognizable by a change of the standard engine power in the vehicle documents.

The first models possessed next to a electric starter also has a kick starter; this was accounted for in 1982.