Honda Indy Toronto

The Honda Indy Toronto is an automobile race on the Streets of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Since 1986 it belongs to the highest category in American Championship Car Racing and took up to 2008 a year. Since 2009 it is part of the racing calendar in the IndyCar Series.


The race was first held in 1986 as the Molson Indy Toronto as part of the Indy Car World Series. It remained until 2007 in the racing calendar in the series, in the meantime changed its name. Molson Indy Toronto 1996, was overshadowed by a serious accident with two deaths. Shortly before the end of the race touched Jeff Krosnoff Stefan Johansson and André Ribeiro. This Krosnoff took off and crashed into the catch fence. In the accident many some parts of the area. Krosnoff retired in the accident and fatal injuries to the track marshal Gary Arvin died after he was hit by a part. More people were injured by the flying parts.

2006, the event in Molson Grand Prix of Toronto was renamed to skip the Indy name, which has since been used by the rival Champ Car to IndyCar Series. A year won the race sponsors conditioned with Steel Back Grand Prix of Toronto a new name. At first it was the last Toronto race since the Champ Car to the end of the season stopped racing.

2009 the race under the name Honda Indy Toronto was included in the racing calendar of the IndyCar Series.