Honda Integra DC5

Acura RSX (2005)

The Acura RSX was introduced in North America and Hong Kong as the successor to the Honda Integra 2002. In Japan, the old name was retained. In contrast to the previously available versions there was the RSX from the beginning only as a two-door coupe. But as the Integra, the RSX is also based on the current Civic model generation. As a sports coupe, the RSX has 4 seats.

Both versions are equipped with ABS and front and side airbags and 16 " alloy wheels shipped. , The leather interior, however, is only in the Type -S standard.


2004: Heated exterior mirrors are standard equipment.

2005:. . Henceforth the Type-S version of the RSX is more powerful motorized with 210 horsepower as before, even 17 " rims and a revised braking system are now part of the Type-S standard equipment has been revised Visually, the front of the RSX, it featured from now on, on an enlarged grille. too headlights and tail lights and the rear bumper received a new design., the wind noise the levels were reduced by filling the gaps in the mirror triangle.


In the basic variant of the RSX has a 2 - liter 4- cylinder engine with 160 hp, available with 5 -speed manual transmission or, alternatively, with a 5 - speed automatic. The sportier trim level of the RSX, the Type-S also has a 2.0 liter DOHC 16 V engine which generated 210 hp unlike his little brother and only available with a 6- speed manual transmission.