Honda Manufacturing of Alabama

The Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC, abbreviated often referred to as HMA, is an automobile and engine manufacturers of the Honda Group with headquarters in Lincoln, Alabama, United States. The company was founded in the course of 1999 and adopted on 14 November 2001 on his work.

The campus includes a total area of ​​3.5 million square feet, of which 1,350 hectares are covered. For the construction of the work, in which more than 4,000 workers are employed today, Honda has invested a total of 1.4 billion U.S. dollars. Are produced annually around 300,000 vehicles models Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot and Honda Ridgeline. Furthermore, here V6 engines J series from the i- VTEC family are produced, which are installed including in the Honda Accord, which is here assembled in the factory.

For the reduction of energy consumption after conversion the work of the Environmental Protection Agency has been awarded the Energy Star Award. In 2012, the Accord is to be replaced by a new generation of the Acura MDX. Again, this should only be mounted here.

Model Overview

Inside the vehicle identification number, the company is using the World Manufacturer Code 5FN for sport utility vehicles, pickups and 5FP for 5FR for minivans. The factory code is the letter assigned B for Lincoln.