Honda Odyssey (international)

The Honda Odyssey is a by Japanese automaker Honda produced since 1994 minivan. While the first model was marketed around the world, since there are different models. The first Odyssey was designed in Japan in the aftermath of local economic crisis of the 1990s, which in turn had significant limitations on the vehicle's size and overall concept for the episode. The result was a smaller minivan in the middle class of the very successful Japanese domestic market sold, but not a commercial success in North America. Honda decided to develop different models for different market needs and built a plant in Lincoln, Alabama to present locally to serve the local U.S. Van market. Honda also offered then between 1999 and 2004 the larger North American Honda Odyssey in Japan as Honda NordamerikaII LaGreat to that but was then replaced by the Honda Elysion. In Europe, the Odyssey I was replaced (here as Honda Shuttle ) by the Honda Stream.

First generation (RA1 - RA5, 1994-1999)

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey I was based on the Honda Accord and went into production in 1994. Optional all-wheel drive was available. The drive came in addition to the well known European 2.2 L and 2.3 L petrol engines, the 3.0L J30A V6 petrol engine used. Basically only 4-speed automatic transmission were available by means of steering wheel gearshift. Partially included a central electric sunroof as standard. Depending on configuration, a dual air conditioner was installed separately as standard for front and passenger space. There were six or seven seats. The model was also offered as an Isuzu Oasis. In Japan were the main rivals Toyota and Nissan Bassara Gaia.

Second generation ( RA6 - RA9 1999-2003)

Honda Odyssey

Published in 1999 a newer larger " second generation " Odyssey in Japan and Australia and one left-hand drive version in China. However, this was a major revision of the first model. The result was a similar general shape and appearance, but longer and wider. As the base engine now acted the 2.3-liter 4- cylinder engine F23A RA6 next to the 3.0-liter VTEC V6 engine J30A now with 210hp ( 157kW ). This model was the first Honda who received a five- speed automatic transmission. In addition, a Tiptronic function was now available. The interior has been completely redesigned and the shift lever wandered to the center console. A climate control was now standard on the V6 and leather interior was installed in series. The spare wandered below the third row of seats which received an additional heating. The sunroof was no longer available. In 2002 there was a slight revision with a larger Honda emblems for the front and rear, clear-lens taillights and a larger radiator grille with four chrome strips instead of three. In the Australian market, the new Odyssey proved more popular than its predecessor at the beginning. But in 2003, the sales amounted to only 649 units - nearly one- third of introduction in 2000.

Third generation (RB1 - RB2, 2003-2008)

Honda Odyssey

The third generation was the first completely new development since its introduction in 1995. In the sale you went to Japan in late 2003 and in Australia and many other countries in 2004. With a much leaner body is leaning more to a high building cluster, However, the amount was lower than ever before. Inside, the seat folding mechanism was changed and refined. The only engine was now the 2.4 L Honda K24A i- VTEC engine with 160PS ( 119kW ) which was also used in the Honda CR- V and Honda Accord. A 4WD version ( RB2 ), there was only with an automatic transmission, while the 2WD version was available with a CVT transmission. As a sports version 200PS ( 149kW ) were from the K24A engine produces ( 190PS ( 142kW ) at the 4WD), coupled with an automatic transmission. In addition, this new machine had the same rate as the old 2.3 L engine despite higher performance. All this led to new sales successes. In Australia, the Odyssey achieved its best-ever sales year in 2005 and sold for the first time more than the Toyota Tarago.

Fourth Generation ( RB3 - RB4, since 2008)

Honda Odyssey

The sale of the fourth generation was launched on 17 October 2008. This Honda only had the interior and the exterior design changes, while the technology remained the same.