Honda RC211V

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The Honda RC211V is a racing motorcycle from the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC ) was developed and was used between 2002 and 2006 in the MotoGP class of the highest prototype category of the FIM motorcycle road racing World Championship.

The RC211V was the successor of the 500 cc Honda NSR500 two-stroke machine. The bike has been specially developed for from the 2002 season launched MotoGP class whose regulations permitted four-stroke engines with three to six cylinders and displacements up to 990 cc. The MotoGP replaced the discharged 500 to 2001 cc class from the premier class of motorcycle racing, in which only two-strokes to 500 cc were allowed a maximum of four cylinders.

The use of four-stroke and increasing the displacement to 990 cc had become necessary from the perspective of the FIM since two-strokes were considered out of date and had been long since replaced in the field of large-volume road-legal machinery of the four-strokes.

Name of the model

  • RC = Honda's term for models with four-stroke engines
  • 211 = first produced motorcycle in the 21st century
  • V = V-engine

Achievements and statistics from 2002 to 2006

In the debut year 2002, the RC211V dominated with the pilot Valentino Rossi MotoGP class at will. The Italian won eleven of the 16 discharged runs and secured the sovereign the drivers' title. In addition to Rossi piloted his teammate Tōru Ukawa and in the course of the season and Alex Barros and Daijiro Katō more RC211V. Overall, these four drivers won 14 of 16 races and bestowed by Honda with 390 out of 400 championship points also consider the constructors' world championship titles. The motorcycle underwent minor changes during the season, but did not yet have a traction control. For this, she was equipped with a power management system with three settings for different needs during a race.

In 2003 Valentino Rossi successfully defended his world title. In addition to the Italians Sete Gibernau, Max Biaggi, Nicky Hayden, Tōru Ukawa, Makoto Tamada and Ryuichi Kiyonari started on RC211V. Overall, the Honda Pilot won 15 of 16 races and defended as sovereign with 395 of a possible 400 points and the Constructors' title.

The Honda RC211V was on the track as "unbeatable". Despite their up to 260 hp ( accurate performance information on MotoGP motorcycles, there is still no producer ) at 165 kg was it as the bike that was best to drive. After Valentino Rossi and his crew chief Jeremy Burgess moved to Yamaha for the 2004 season, showed that the RC211V not - as claimed by Honda - could be brought by any driver for world title. Although Honda won with the machine nor the constructors' championship, but drivers world champion Rossi Yamaha YZR M1 on a. The following year, the constructors 'championship went to Yamaha, Valentino Rossi won on his M1 again in the drivers' championship.

Only through numerous changes to the chassis, electrics and the engine management was in 2006 Nicky Hayden decide on the RC211V, after a dramatic season finale in Valencia the world championship for himself and Honda to reclaim the constructors' championship.

Nevertheless, the Honda RC211V a milestone in motorcycle racing history dar. On it the discharged during their service life 82 MotoGP races were won 48, a rate of 58.5 %. It was also possible with their three drivers 'championship titles ( Rossi 2002 and 2003, Hayden 2006) and four Constructors' titles (2002, 2003, 2004, 2006 ) to be won. Thus it is one of the most successful racing motorcycles of all time.

The Honda RC211V is the basic concept design template for the following road bikes:

  • Honda CBR 600 RR
  • Honda CBR 1000 RR

For the 2007 season, their replacement was carried out by the RC212V, which requirements of the changed regulations with a 800 - cc four-cylinder.