Honda, Tolima

Honda is a town in Tolima Department, Colombia. The population is 26,873 according to the 2005 census. Together with LÃbano Honda is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Libano - Honda. The main occupation of Honda are tourism, fishing and cattle breeding.

Origin of the name

The name comes from the Honda Ondaimas, the indigenous people who inhabited the banks of the River Magdalena and the area where the city lies today.

Honda is called " City of Bridges " because of the more than 25 bridges over the rivers Magdalena, Guali, Guarino and the Quebrada Seca. It is also called " City of Peace " because it was spared from the violence of the 1950s, for the most part.


Honda was founded on 24 August 1539. The "golden age" of the city was 1850-1910, when the river Magdalena was the only route between the Caribbean coast and Bogota inland. The city was the most important river port in the country and all imported goods in Bogotá came through the port of Honda.


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