Hondarrabi Zuri

Hondarribi Zuri is a white grape variety autochone from the Basque Country. It also occurs in the regions of Cantabria and Castile and Leon. Hondarribi refers to the town of Hondarribia and zuri means " white " in Basque.

The berries are small, round and golden yellow. From this, a pale yellow wine with flavors of citrus, juicy - ripe fruits and herbs produced. Typical is also its floral character. The wines should be drunk young, single varietal wines developed rare find. Cuvée is blended as the Hondarribi Zuri with Sauvignon Blanc, which enhances its own character, Chardonnay, which makes him richer and fuller, but also a little longer shelf life or with Folle Blanche.

Synonyms of Hondarribi Zuri Zuri are Hondarrabi, Hondarrobi Zuri, Ondarrabi Txuri, Ondarabiya Ziriya, Txuri, Zuri, Zuria, Oundanabi. It is often used in the appellation of Txacoli Guetaria and also in txakolí.

There is also a red variety with the name Ondarrabi Beltza, but which is not currently approved for wine production.