The fee is the payment for services (especially freelance ), for example, artists, lawyers, writers (including journalists), doctors, dentists, accountants, auditors, architects. But of parliamentarians, financial consultants, speakers, or other consultants who are not in private. Even in educational institutions are to a large extent freelancers in use. Fees can be firmly agreed or performance related. You can also be a replacement of commissions for special services.

For engineers and architects HOAI applies ( fees for architects and engineers ), which will be determined by law by the Federal Parliament by resolution. This scheme for the profession of architects and engineers are only available in Germany. In all other countries, the agreement on the fee subject to private law. The right to freedom agreement is valid worldwide for lawyers, for as a schedule of charges applicable in Germany and the profession concentrated.

For actors, musicians and models who say the fee is also subject to the Gage Gage and sometimes secret.

The word comes originally from the Latin honorarium ( gift of honor ) and is derived from "honor, honoris " ( honor). Legal advisers were in ancient Rome no reward; because legal advice was given by respected and wealthy men of senatorial rank mostly, who regarded each wage labor as unprofessional. The legal adviser hoped that his work rather to increase its social application and hence a successful political career. With the benevolence of the legal advice, it was agreed, a " honorarium ", that is a gift of honor to accept as a gift. The fee was later so common that it could even be sued as consideration owed.

As cancellation fee is defined as the remuneration of a freelancer who has made his performance - without these is also used (eg use graphic artists, speakers ). There are typically fails fees in the amount of 50 % of the originally agreed fee. Apparently, this practice lacks any legal basis, because the full fee is payable if the work ordered or the service has been delivered properly - but this is mainly due to the individual contract entered into or parking also common-law principles. The publication or use of risk is, however, solely with the exploiters.

The amount of a fee can also be specified, for example, state regulations ( eg regarding billable services, level of remuneration, etc. ) are subject to, such as in the Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers ( HOAI ). In other industries, the fee may justify but also precarious employment.

Against the risk of an honorary failure (eg due to illness) protects a fee protection insurance. This is an insurance for the self-employed, whose key function depends the operation to a large extent and derive their income directly from their business activities. It secures from lost profits and ongoing operating costs, if it comes as a result of illness or accident in a service interruption.


  • Salary is the remuneration of an employee, the wages of a worker legally one speaks only of remuneration.
  • Performance-based compensation is the variable portion of the remuneration of an employee.
  • In the studio system of Hollywood filmmakers have usually received no salaries, but receive compensation from long-term studio contracts.