Honorius of Canterbury

Honorius (* or 6th century 7th century, † September 30 653 ) was the fifth Archbishop of Canterbury and held office from 627 until his death.

Honorius was born in Rome and was sent by Pope Gregory the Great around 600 to England to assist Augustine of Canterbury in the missionary work of the British Isles. After the death of Archbishop Justus of Canterbury, he was enthroned by Paulinus of York as the new Archbishop of Canterbury. As Paulinus had to flee Northumbria, where it caused a pagan reaction, Honorius received him in the South East of England and made him the Bishop of Rochester. Also in East Anglia caused Honorius for a strengthening of Christianity, by advocating the Burgundian Felix as bishop in Dunwich.

Honorius died in 653, his successor Deusdedit was introduced only 18 months later, in his office.