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Hopa ( Laz: Xopa; Georgian ხოფა, ხუფათი; Russian Хопа, as Chupati, Chopta, or Chopa known) is a city in the province of Artvin on the Black Sea in the north- east of Turkey. The town of Hopa, which lies directly on the coast, has 17,433 inhabitants ( 2010). The entire district of Hopa has 32,016 inhabitants. The district is located in the northeast corner of the province, bordering Georgia. One situated two Turkish- Georgian border crossings at the border. This is around 15 km from the town of Hopa away in the village of Sarp and is called Sarp sinir Kapisi.

The highest point of the county is with 1513 m of Yavuz Sultan Selim mountain which is named after the Ottoman Sultan Selim I..