Hopea odorata

Branch with alternate, simple leaf of Hopea odorata

Hopea odorata is a species of the genus Hopea ( Hopea ) within the family of wing fruit plants ( Dipterocarpaceae ). This endangered species from which the wood is used is native to tropical Asia.

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Vegetative characteristics

Hopea odorata grows as evergreen, medium to large tree, reached the stature heights of usually up to 45 meters and trunk diameter of 4,50 meters or more. The straight, cylindrical trunk is free of branches to a height of about 25 meters. He makes showy buttress roots. The gray to dark brown bark has a scaly surface and is längsgefurcht and inside yellow or reddish.

The alternate arranged leaves are divided into petiole and leaf blade. The thin petiole is 2 inches long. The simple, dark green leaf blade is at a length of 7 to 14 inches and a width of 3 to 7 inches ovate - lanceolate and falcate with wedge-shaped Spreitenbasis. The upper leaf surface and bottom is bare.

Generative features

The flowers are borne in a one-sided, racemose inflorescence. The flower stalk is very short. The relatively small, sweet-smelling, yellowish - white flowers are hermaphroditic and fünfzählig. There are 15 stamens with anthers narrow - ellipsoidal available. The egg-shaped ovary is dotted or bald.

The relatively small, egg-shaped fruits have wings that are at a length of 3 to 4 centimeters wrong - lanceolate and rounded.

Occurrence and risk

The distribution area of Hopea odorata is in tropical Asia with a focus on Southeast Asia: Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam and China. Hopea odorata occurs predominantly at altitudes 0-600 meters on nutrient-rich soils and thrives lying on river banks tropical rainforests.

In the Red List of Threatened Species IUCN Hopea odorata is known as " Vulnerable " = " risk" out.


The first description of Hopea odorata was carried out by William Roxburgh. The specific epithet odorata means fragrant and refers to the sweet-smelling flowers.


  • Datasheet - Hopea odorata in AgroForestryTree Database. (Section Description, occurrence and use)