Horace Andy

Horace Andy ( born February 19, 1951 in Kingston as Horace Hinds ) is a Jamaican roots reggae singer.

He published in 1966 his first single Blackman 's Country, in 1969 appeared the album Skylarking. In the following years, he worked with renowned reggae producers like King Tubby and Prince Jammy and made out for its characteristic falsetto voice a name.

In the 1980s, he went to London and worked with, among others, with Mad Professor. Outside of the reggae scene, he became known as a guest vocalist for Massive Attack, which he accompanied on tour. On their first album Blue Lines, he sings One Love, Five Man Army and Hymn of the Big Wheel. On Protection he sings Spying Glass, one descended from him song. On mezzanine he sings Angel, Man Next Door and Exchange, on the 100th Window songs Everytime When and Name Taken. On Heligoland (2010) he sings Splitting the atom and Girl I Love You.

In addition, he has published numerous albums of his own. Many of his songs can be heard on compilations. On the album of world music project, 1 Giant Leap, he is with the song Racing Away represented (along with Grant -Lee Phillips).

He is a cousin of Justin Hinds and followers of the Rastafari movement.