Horace Maynard

Horace Maynard ( born August 30, 1814 Westborough, Worcester County, Massachusetts, † May 3, 1882 in Knoxville, Tennessee ) was an American politician, who served as Postmaster General to the Cabinet of President Rutherford B. Hayes.


After schooling Maynard graduated in 1838 from Amherst College. From 1839 to 1844, he worked as a lecturer at the East Tennessee University, now the University of Tennessee. He successfully studied law, was admitted to the bar and began to practice in Tennessee. His political career began Maynard at the Whigs, for he 1852 the Electoral College was a member. However, it supports Winfield Scott had no chance against the Democrats Franklin Pierce. The following year, Maynard ran for the U.S. House of Representatives, but failed.

But in 1857 he succeeded then the entry into the House of Representatives; this time he was nominated by the American Party. In the two following sessions he belonged to the Congress, where he was a 1859 candidate for the split-off of the Whig opposition party; Two years later he ran as Unionist. The secession of Tennessee, he was not wearing with.

Maynard retired in 1863 from Congress to become Attorney General of Tennessee. In 1866 he returned to the reintegration of his home state in the Union to Washington; this time he represented in the House of Representatives, the National Union Party, a merger of those Democrats who supported the civil war, and the Republicans. He was later confirmed as a Republican three times by the voters; during the 43rd session of Congress, he was chairman of the Banking Committee ( House Committee on Banking and Currency ). In 1864 he was for the second time in the Electoral College, the Abraham Lincoln confirmed as president. In 1868 he was for a short time judge on the Tennessee Supreme Court; however, was his right, being the holder of this post during his time as a congressman, successfully contested before another Court of the State, so he had to resign from judicial office again.

1874 Maynard did not occur again for election to, but ran for governor of Tennessee. However, he was defeated by Democrat James D. Porter. From 1875 to 1880 he was the successor of George Henry Boker as U.S. ambassador to the Ottoman Empire before President Hayes appointed him as postmaster general in his cabinet. Maynard joined this post on 2 June 1880 and retired after the end of Hayes ' term of office on March 5, 1881, together with this from the government. After his return to Tennessee Horace Maynard died the following year.