Horslips is an Irish folk rock band that was formed in 1970 in Dublin.

Band History

The Horslips were originally founded in 1970 in Ireland for a commercial, then decided, however, to carry on. The band, which consisted of John Fean, Barry Devlin, Charles O'Connor, Jim Lockhart and Eamon Carr, playing a mixture of hard rock and traditional folk elements.

1972 was recorded the debut album Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part in the studio with the Rolling Stones, the best-selling album in Ireland in 1972. A little later, the band then moved to London. In the opening act of Steeleye Span, they toured for the first time by England.

In 1973 the concept album The Tain on the market, which was built on an Irish fable. The albums Dancehall Sweat Hearts (1974 ), The Unfortunate Cup of Tea (1975) and Drive the Cold Winter Away ( 1975). Its best-selling album was released in 1976 in the form of the concept work The Book of Invasions - A Celtic Symphony.

Until 1980, the Horslips albums still appeared Live (1976 ), Aliens ( 1977), tracks from The Vaults (1977 ), The Man Who Built America ( 1978), Short Stories - Tall Tales (1979) and The Belfast Gigs (1980 ). On the last drive, the farewell concert of Horslips is heard.

2004, there was a reunion of the Horslips, when the album was recorded rollback.