Horst Dassler

Horst Dassler ( born March 12, 1936 in Erlangen, † April 9, 1987 ) was a German entrepreneur.

The son of Adolf Dassler built as a company director of adidas France with headquarters in the Alsatian Landersheim, the Adidas company one of the world 's largest sporting goods manufacturers. Among other things, he founded in 1973 the floating Products Manufacturer Arena. In 1980, he joined the management under his mother Kathe Dassler ( born July 17, 1917) a, after whose death he served as CEO from 1985 to 1987. In 1982 he founded the International Sport and Leisure.

On April 9, 1987, he died of cancer. Horst Dassler was married and had two children.