Hossein Rezazadeh

Hossein Rezazadeh in February 2011

Hossein Rezazadeh ( born May 12, 1978 in Ardabil, Persian حسین رضازاده ) is a retired Iranian weightlifter, two-time Olympic gold medalist and sports official.

Sporting career

Rezazadehs first international appearance was the 1998 Junior World Championships in Sofia, where he started with a body weight of 133.85 kg Super Heavyweight 105 kg at the age of 21 years. After 170.0 kg in the snatch, which marked the sixth place, he failed because in pushing a valid attempt to introduce and remained in a duel thus unplaced. At the Asian Games in the same year he reached with 415.0 kg ( 187.5 / 227.5 kg ) in a duel for third place.

Just one year later he could achieve in his first Senior World Championships 447.5 kg ( 206.0 / 242.5 kg ), which with 457.5 kg and Jaber Saeed Salem placed him behind Andrei Tschemerkin with 455.0 kg. After the restructuring of the weight classes and the associated deletion of the existing world records, thus Rezazadeh lifted in the snatch world record. With this performance, although he was to count at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney for the narrower group of favorites, but his rise to 472.5 kg ( 212.5 / 260.0 kg ), which represented a new world record in the snatch, as well as in single combat, enabled him to win his first Olympic gold medal. Second was Ronny Weller with 467.5 kg before Tschemerkin with 462.5 kg.

Decided in 2002 Rezazadeh without contest the Asian Games in Busan for themselves and failed here on a new world record of 263.0 kg in bumping. But this he could realize at the World Cup in Warsaw. Here he set his best performance and once again achieved 472.5 kg ( 210.0 / 263.0 kg ) and thus won before Damian Damianow with 450.0 kg and 440.0 kg with Artem Udachin.

At the Asia Championships 2003 in Qinhuangdao Rezazadeh was able to improve his own world record in the snatch 213.0 kg. This he tried four months later one more time to beat at the World Championships in Vancouver. After 207.5 kg in the second attempt he failed to 213.5 kg. In pushing Rezazadeh opened with 250.0 kg, which earned him the title immediately and jerk and also in single combat. In the second attempt of pushing he let hang up 263.5 kilograms, which he, however, still failed. With the thus obtained 457.5 kg ( 207.5 / 250.0 kg ) he placed before Velichko Tscholakow with 447.5 kg and 445.0 kg with Viktors Scerbatihs.

Today, with 162.95 kg competition weight and performance from previous years Rezazadeh stood as a clear favorite for the title at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. This assessment he could confirm with 472.5 kg ( 210.0 / 263.5 kg ) in single combat, and a new world record of 263.5 kg in pushing sovereign. Second was Scerbatihs with 455.0 kg before Tscholakow with 447.5 kg.

The following year, he could ( 210.0 251.0 kg / ) win with 460.0 kg ( 200.0 / 260.0 kg ) and 461.0 kg, both the Asian Championships in Dubai, as well as the World Championships in Doha. Only in the snatch he was forced to cede Yevgeny Tschigischew, the crack 211.0 kilograms his world title. In the second attempt of pushing yourself Rezazadeh tried to 263.0 kg, which would have meant the 210.0 kg in the snatch after the introduction of the 1 -kilogram rule a new world record in the total.

In 2006, the last time Rezazadeh part in international competitions. Here he could with a capacity of 448.0 kg ( 202.0 / 246.0 kg ) and 425.0 kg ( 195.0 / 230.0 kg ) once the World Cup in Santo Domingo, as well as the Asian Games in Doha. win

In 2007, Rezazadeh suffered a knee injury in a car accident. Shortly before the Olympic Games in Beijing announced Rezazadeh not to participate due to match fitness. He also resigned from the active weight lifting and it was for some time head coach of the weightlifting national team of Iran. Since February 2011, Rezazadeh is the new president of the Iranian Weightlifting Federation.


  • Rezazadeh is married and has a son Abolfazl. His marriage in 2003 was broadcast on Iranian television.
  • Both the Greek and the Turkish Association Rezezadeh offered large sums of money, he should change nationality.
  • In his hometown of Ardabil was built in 2006 the Rezazadeh Stadium named after him.
  • Rezazadehs nickname is " The Iranian Hercules".

Personal best

  • Tear: 213.0 kg in class over 105 kg at the 2003 Asian Championships in Qinhuangdao
  • Launched: 263.5 kg in class over 105 kg at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens ( the current world record of 263.0 kg )
  • Duel: 472.5 kg ( 212.5 / 260.0 kg ) in the class over 105 kg at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney (current world record of 472.0 kg )