Hot Eyes

Hot Eyes is the international name of the Danish singing duo Kirsten & Søren. The group consists of Kirsten Siggaard ( born September 7, 1954 in Slagelse ) and Søren Bundgaard ( born March 4, 1956 in Glostrup ).

Already in 1983, the two artists took part in the Danish qualifying round for Euro Vision Song Contest, the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Bundgaard still, which Siggard acted as musicians of the band Sir Henry as a solo singer. Afterwards, they decided to start a duo. In 1984 they won the qualifying round with the title Det ' det -celled and could thus participate in the Euro Vision Song Contest 1984 in Luxembourg. They reached there in fourth place. The next year they won the qualifying round and were repeated at the Euro Vision Song Contest 1985 in Gothenburg eleventh place with her pop song Sku ' du spørg ' fra no'en? get hold of. 1986 and 1987, although they were in the pre-selection, but could carry no victory. In 1988 they were able to decide the pre-selection for a third time for themselves and were invited to the Euro Vision Song Contest 1988 in Dublin. Here they reached 3rd place, the best result in Denmark for 25 years, entitled 'Ka' du se hva ' jeg sa'? .