HOT (Israel)

HOT is a telecommunications and cable television providers in Israel, founded on 18 August 2003. HOT is a 100% subsidiary of the Luxembourg ISP Altice.


The company was formed by the merger of the three national cable providers Israel - Matav, Tevel and Golden Channels, which yes was created as a direct response to the growing competition of the local satellite TV provider.

Hot offers about 200 local and foreign language channels in its digital television offering. HOT also offers some ' exclusive ' channels (not available from the competition Yes) to. In addition to the digital TV HOT continue to offer analog television.

Shortly after the establishment HOT began to offer fixed-line and Internet services. But HOT is not an Internet Service Provider, but only has permission to offer the last mile.

Controversial Advertising

In February 2012, an advertisement of the provider caused a worldwide sensation. In the spot, for a tablet computer with the program offer of HOT, a group of Mossad agents and clad women beyond a nuclear facility in Iran in the air. Iran protested against this commercial.