HOTAS is the name of a control concept that is used in all modern western as well as the most modern Russian combat aircraft. The name is an acronym for the English expression Hands On Throttle And Stick, what that means in German as " hands on throttle and stick ".

The arrangement of the material necessary for the operational flight controls on the joystick and the throttle allowing the pilot to keep his hands on throttle and stick during flight. This shortens its response time and flight safety is increased because the important controls must be only rarely released. Along with the use of head-up displays, the pilot can concentrate on flying more.

A similar operating concept is the introduction of the multi-function steering wheels also in more and more motor vehicles application after it has already proven itself in motor racing. The already established arrangement of control levers for turn signals and windshield wipers in grip range is complemented by other keys to control the car's electronics (car radio, car telephone, trip computer, cruise control, air conditioning, etc.).

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