Hotel Pennsylvania

The Hotel Pennsylvania is a hotel in the 401 7th Avenue (15 Penn Plaza) in New York City. It is located opposite the Pennsylvania Station and Madison Square Garden.


The Hotel Pennsylvania was planned by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company and built and operated by the Statler Hotel chain hotels. It was opened on 25 January 1919 and had 2200 rooms with bathrooms in 2200. At this time it was the largest hotel in the world. The executive architectural firm McKim, Mead, and White was also built opposite the train station next to the hotel, but this was demolished in 1963 to make room for the Madison Square Garden. Today the station is underground.

The hotel has undergone several name changes in its long history, in 1948 it was Statler Hotels of the company that was involved from the start of construction, renamed the Hotel Statler. After the Hilton hotel chain bought all 17 Statler hotels, the hotel was awarded in 1954 the name of The Statler Hilton, which it held until the 1980s, to Hilton sold the hotel again. It was again changed back Statler in The New York, Dunfey Hotels a hotel company Aer Lingus. After Penta Hotels acquired the building in 1984, it changed its name to The New York Penta, until it was finally sold by Penta in 1992 and again got its old name, the Hotel Pennsylvania. The current owner is the real estate trust funds Vornado Realty Trust.

Plans for the demolition

The first plans for demolition from 1997 until 2007 it was announced that the hotel should make way for a new office building complex. The Vornado Realty Trust planned a skyscraper at the former place. Then came some petitions and organizations who are committed to the preservation of the hotel, such as the Save Hotel Pennsylvania Foundation.

With the failure of 15 Penn Plaza is now planned to renovate the Hotel Pennsylvania. On February 5, 2013 it was announced that Vornado intends to separate from the project indefinitely and thus prefers a renovation of the hotel.