House of Barcelona

The house Barcelona (Catalan Casal de Barcelona) was one of the most important medieval families with possession rule in much of southwest Europe.

The family was most likely of Count Borrell of Osona and not, as assumed in particular in the older literature, the Count Bello of Carcassonne from. A document from the year 829 suggests that Sunifred I. Count of Barcelona was a son Borrells. Bello of Carcassonne was most in line cognatischer an ancestor of the house, because he is the father Sunifreds was likely.

The Descendants Sunifreds came into the possession of most of the Catalan counties, especially the county of Barcelona, the County of Urgell, the county of Girona and the county Osona. 1131 was Berengar Raymond I ( Berenguer Ramón I) Count of Provence, etc., in 1162 his nephew Raymond ( Ramon ) as Alfonso II King of Aragon.

The family remained until 1245 in the possession of Provence (which they to Charles of Anjou inherited ) to 1410 in the possession of Aragon, the Kingdom of Majorca, and then Sicily (both went to the line Trastamara the House of Burgundy - Ivrea ) and some successor states of the Crusades ( Duchy of Athens, Duchy Neopatras ).

Master list (excerpt )

9th and 10th century

Borrell of Osona

11th and 12th centuries

Raymond Borrell, count of Barcelona, Girona and Osona, * 972, † 1018 (or Borrell III. ); ∞ 990/991 Ermesinde, daughter of Roger I, Count of Carcassonne - Ancestry see above

The kings of Aragon in the 13th century

Ramon Berenguer IV, † 1162, Count of Barcelona, ​​Cerdanya, Girona, Besalu and Osona, regent of Provence (as Ramon Berenguer II ), Prince of Aragon ∞ 1137 Petronella, † 1173, Queen of Aragon, daughter of King Ramiro II. (House Jiménez ) - Ancestry see above

The kings of Aragon in the 14th century

James II, † 1327, King of Sicily (as James I ), King of Aragon, etc.; ∞ I 1291 Isabella of Castile, Viscountess of Limoges, † 1328 daughter of Sancho IV King of Castile ( House of Burgundy - Ivrea ); ∞ II 1295 Blanche of Sicily, † 1310 daughter of Charles II, King of Naples ( House of Anjou ) - Ancestry see above

The kings of Sicily

Frederick II, † 1337, King of Sicily; ∞ Leonora of Sicily, † 1341, daughter of Charles II, King of Naples ( House of Anjou ) - Ancestry see above

The Kings of Majorca

James II, King of Majorca, † 1311 - Ancestry see above

The Lords of Híjar

The Dukes of Híjar and Count of Belchite


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