House of Estridsen

The house Estridsson is the family of the kings of Denmark from 1047 to 1412. Due to their unusual name, which is a Metronym, it is noted that the Estridssons are the successors of the Jelling Dynasty through the female line to the with Harald Bluetooth and Knut the Great, the most famous high medieval kings of Denmark belong. The house is also called " Ulfinger " after the husband of Estrid the Lord Wulfsige.

Reached its climax in the dynasty with the Kalmar Union, when the kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden were united in one hand. Shortly thereafter, the family became extinct.

Master list (excerpt )

From Thorgils Sprakling to Erik Ejegod

By Erik Ejegod to Christoph I.

The dukes of Schleswig

By Christoph I. to Margaret I.