House of Poniatowski

Poniatowski is the surname of a noble family originating from Lithuania, the 1450 Lublin ( Lubelski ) first documentary appears in the Masovian Voivodeship since March 4, 1569 and had the Indignat in the Kingdom of Poland and among the Polish noble families. The female form of the name is Poniatowska. The name Poniatowski is derived from its headquarters Poniatowa near Lublin in Mazovia.

The most famous representative was Stanisław August Poniatowski, the last king of Poland (reigned 1764-1795 ), dated Warsaw December 18, 1764, his three brothers: Kasimir, Kron - Grand Chamberlain ( * 1721, † 1780), with its son Stanislaus III. died on February 12, 1833 in Florence, the illegitimate offspring of the royal house has gone, Andrew and Michael Polish princely status. Bohemian prince (dated December 10, 1765 Vienna ) for the previous Andreas Fürst Poniatowski (see: Bohemian Landtafel hall books, tape CCXVI page 418-430 ) and the Bohemian Inkolat in Mr. Booth, Vienna dated December 29, 1765.

Origin of the princes of Italy

The current Prince Poniatowski descended from the originating from the Lombardy family Torelli, whose progenitor Torello appears as a vassal of the archbishops of Ravenna, in the first half of the 12th century. Since 1406, they were the Count of Monte Chiarugulo ( today's province of Parma). Them the Polish Indigenat was issued on March 11, 1569. On November 29, 1629 Giuseppe Torelli took from the house of the Count of Monte Chiarugulo on the occasion of his marriage to Sophia Poniatowska, daughter and heiress of Albert Poniatowski, the name and arms of Poniatowski.

Coat of arms of Prince Poniatowski

Under a prince's crown, whence comes one on either side above geschürzter by golden tassel cords red, ermine- lined coat of arms coat, a quartered shield with escutcheon, is in blue, a growing golden bull: 1 and 4 in silver one is writhing around a black tree stake green snake, the one naked, flesh-colored children, of which only the upper body are visible with head and outstretched arms, devouring. 2 and 3 in gold and a gold - reinforced gezungter and also crowned red lion.

Overview of the standard sequence

  • Johann Ritter von Poniatow - Poniatowski ( the coat of arms Szreniawa ), married to Sophia Grocholska ( from Polish nobility ).
  • Franz, * before 1650, † before 1720, married to Helena Dorothea Neiwarowska ( from Polish nobility ).
  • Stanislaus (I.) Count Poniatowski, Voivode of Mazowsze, wholesale Jägermeister in Lithuania, Castellan of Kraków and General of the Guard troops, * Dereczan in Lithuania in 1677, † August 3, 1762, married to Constance Princess Czartoryska, sister of Frederick Michael Reich Prince Csartoryski, Grand Chancellor of Lithuania ( 1696-1775 ).
  • Andreas Fürst Poniatowski (dated 1764 or 1765 ), Starosta of Palanga, imperial marshal and Feldzeugmeister, commander of the MMTO in Vienna, Wolczan * 1735, † Vienna March 3, 1783, 1760 married to Maria Theresa, Countess Kinsky of Wichnitz and Tettau (1740 - 1806), a widow tenant of the former monastery Doksany in Bohemia. The two children of this marriage: 1 Maria Theresia married Vincenz Graf von Tyskiewicz ( the coat of arms Lehwa ), and second Joseph Anton Prince Poniatowski, first Austrian officer, then Minister of War in the Napoleonic Duchy of Warsaw and last Marshal of France, * Warsaw March 7 1763, drowned on 19 October 1813 in the Elster near Leipzig and was placed in the Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow tomb. From its junction with Sophie Countess Potocki family Ponityki - Poniatowski comes.

Well-known bearers of the name

  • Andrzej Poniatowski (1734-1773), a Polish prince, general and field marshal of the House of Austria, Imperial Prince of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Elena Poniatowska (1932 - ), Mexican writer, descendant of Kazimierz Poniatowski
  • Josef Poniatowski (1816-1873), Senator of the French Empire, composer
  • Józef Antoni Poniatowski (1763-1813), son of Andrzej Poniatowski, Polish statesman, General, Marshal of France
  • Kazimierz Poniatowski (1721-1800), chamberlain of the Polish Crown, Polish general and prince
  • Michael Poniatowski (1736-1794), Archbishop of Gniezno, primate of Poland
  • Stanisław Poniatowski (1676-1762), Polish statesman, father of Kazimierz, Stanisław August Poniatowski and Andrzej
  • Stanislaus Poniatowski 2 Prince ( 1754-1833 ), Pol. Lieutenant General, Grand Treasurer of Lithuania
  • Stanisław August Poniatowski (1732-1798), King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania