House of Zrinski

Zrinski (or Zrinjski to German often serine ) is the name of a Croatian-Hungarian noble family, which is also called Hungarian Zrínyi, German Zrinský or Zriny.


It came from the old Croatian family of Šubić, which since 1347 after the castle Zrin (also Zerin or serine ) " Prince (later Earl ) of Zrin " (in Croatian " Knezovi Zrinski " ) called. This is located above the village Zrin in Mountain Zrinska gora in central Croatia.

The following members of the family were Bane of Croatia:

  • Nikola Zrinski Šubić (Hungarian: Szigeti Zrínyi Miklós ) ( Ban: 1542-1556 )
  • Georg Zrinski (Croatian: Juraj Zrinski, Hungarian: György Zrínyi ) ( Ban: 1622-1626 )
  • Nicholas Zrinski (Hungarian: Miklós Zrínyi ) ( Ban: 1647-1664 )
  • Petar Zrinski (Hungarian: Péter Zrínyi ) ( Ban: 1665-1670 )

The Croatian explorers Dragutin Lerman named after the Zrinski a waterfall on Kouilou in Congo.