House Party 2

House Party 2 is an American comedy film from the year 1991. It is the sequel to House Party.


Pop is dead and his son Kid is facing his first day at college. He plague the conscience, if he comes to his father's wish and with the university training learns something serious or if he should bring his talent for a musical career. Since, however, it is funding the commune the fees for college, the choice falls, to the envy of his best friend play for training. Play believes namely to have with Sheila Landreaux found a record producer, who promises him a contract. But as they currently plaguing financial difficulties, Play jumps with kids college fund.

Kid plagues, meanwhile at college with Zora, the feminist roommate, his girlfriend Sidney and a course on Malcolm X rum, before he realizes that he lacks the money. Play it tries to retrieve, but the record company does not know Sheila, so he realizes that he's been eating a cheater. The money is gone, then, and Kid has to somehow come up with how he can remain at the university. He takes this to a job in the kitchen while play and Bilal to earn superior to using a house party at college the money to pay for Kids supplements may. After Miles attempts to engage kids friend Sidney, he can set it up that kid loses his status as a student, so he can no longer work as a kitchen hand.

Meanwhile want rod and his boys, who get a job at the security service of the university, prevent the party. While they unsuccessfully try to find the party, discovered by chance Play Sheila at the party and followed them. It comes in a larger chase that ends on the roof. The problems to be solved. Sidney comes back together with Kid, and the party can move the business forward. Until rod and the boys suddenly disturb the celebration. Dean Kramer appears, praises staff for the assignment, completed the party, fires Miles and then even Sheila is arrested. Finally believes Kid to leave the university because of money problems. He says goodbye to all, and means to come again sometime. But Play gives him the necessary money and says that he looks at it as an investment. Kid can thus nevertheless remain at the university.


" Much greater effort to serious satire than its predecessor, the film represents mainly the black identity, but also the female at the center. Shallow slapstick, there is little, and also understands the synchronization is to transport the pun. "


The film opened on 25 October 1991 in U.S. cinemas and was able to import a little more than 19 million U.S. dollars with a production budget of 5 million U.S. dollars. In Germany, he was released on June 15, 1993 directly to VHS. Since 1 September 2005, the film is also available as a German -language DVD.