Houston (British Columbia)

Houston is a city in the Regional District of Bulkley - Nechako, Canada. The population is about 3100 people, plus about 2000 inhabitants in the surrounding rural area.


Houston is located in the vicinity of the confluence of the Bulkley River Morice River. It is located south of Smithers on Highway 16, known as the Yellowhead Highway.

It includes the following communities nearby:

  • Perov
  • Topley
  • Buck Flats
  • Barrett
  • Quick
  • Walcott
  • Smithers
  • Burns Lake
  • Moricetown


Houston's history is quite typical of many places in the region. While there is some confusion about where the name originates Houston, but most of the locals seem to think that the place after John Houston, a popular editor from Prince Rupert was named. This worked from 1888 to 1910 as a newspaper publisher and editor. In addition to his journalistic career, he was the first mayor of the town Nelson, British Columbia.

In 1914, two years after the construction of a railway line by Houston, the city in the directory of British Columbia was listed with a population of 150 people. Over the following years in Houston, a hotel, a shop, a post office and an Anglican church emerged. The 1940s brought the forest industry to Houston, which has since become the main industry of the place.

As of March 4, 1957 Houston was officially known as "Village" out and was so connected to the recognition of local government (incorporated ). The community had the first telephone network north of Boston Bar Houston was officially on January 31, 1969, the district municipality.


The census in 2011 showed a population of 3,147 inhabitants of the district municipality. The city's population has decreased while compared to the census of 2006 at 0.5%, while the population of the Province of British Columbia at the same time grew by 7.0%.


The area around Houston has predominantly hot, dry summers and very cold, but also dry winter, with -30 degrees Celsius in winter are not uncommon. The vegetation consists of forests, just around the houses in the area around there grasslands. It is dominated mainly spruce and pine forests. The Monatsdurchschnittstemparaturen range between 14.5 ° C in July and -12.7 ° C in January.


The first school was opened in 1916 for 7 students under the direction of Miss Bessie McKay. Houston in 2009, three public schools and one privately run denominational Christian school. As primary schools Silverthorne Elementary School and Twain Sullivan Elementary School exist. The secondary school is the Houston Secondary School.

Many tourists who come to Houston, want especially camping and fishing. For this type of leisure activity the place with its three lakes is ideal. In winter, skiing is the dominant sport, this Houston has its own ski club, the Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Club. There are in Houston but also more luxurious leisure activities:

  • The recently-built Houston leisure complex has a pool, hot tub, sauna and gym.
  • Houston has two 9- hole golf courses