Hovevei Zion

Hibbat Zion (Hebrew חיבת ציון translated " love of Zion " ) is the historical name of a popularized movement for land acquisition and reconstruction of Palestine ( Eretz Israel ) that originated among Russian Jews after the pogroms of 1881 /82 and towards the end of the 19. century spread throughout Europe. It is regarded as the beginning of organized Zionism.

Leon Pinsker and his book " Auto-Emancipation " formed the ideological basis and called for self-liberation and establishment of a territorial center for the Jewish people. Your members / followers were called " Hovevei Zion " ( other spellings: Choveve Zion ), German " Zionsliebende, Zionsfreunde ". Among them were the founders of Rishon le Zion, Zichron Ya'akov and Rosh Pina. The individual local groups of Choveve -Zion in the United Kingdom were called - military and similar bible romantic - " tents ".

1890 Hibbat Zion received the official permission of the Russian government to set up a " Society for the Support of Jewish Farmers and Artisans in Syria and Palestine ," which became known as the "Odessa Committee ". Subsequently, funds were raised all over Russia, among other things, contributed to the development of Rehovot and Hadera. As 1897, the world Zionist Organization was founded, kicked her in the most Hibbat Zion groups.

The Odessa Committee existed until after the First World War and was then dissolved by the Bolsheviks.


  • Draft statutes of the Odessa Committee at: www.zionistarchives.org.il