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What is What (own spelling: WHAT WAS) is a trademark of Tessloff publishing and originally stood for a children's and youth fiction book series. Today there is not only the known books, but among other things, knowledge CD -ROMs, a knowledge portal with many options on the internet, what-is -what- CD audio plays, Nintendo DS games and an eponymous TV show. In the English -speaking world, the name of the brand How & Why. Typically, the design of books with a specific question box per section. These boxes are indented always left in the lines 2-7.


Mother of Mark What is what is the English-language children's and youth fiction book series " How and why" that young readers difficult content explains compact and comprehensible.

In 1959 the Tessloff publisher acquired the German rights to the title and took in the fall of 1961, the first four volumes in magazine format under the title What is what to market. Only in 1963 appeared the first hardcover version in bookstores. At this time, there were already 24 issues of the series in book form.

The books series has as a target group. 8 - to 14 -year-old children and explained to them currently in 133 volumes topics from the fields of history, biology, science and technology The books all have a circumference of not more than 48 pages and is updated regularly. In this case, the titles and cover designs have changed over the years. That was the name of the band 3, " energy ", with its appearance in the 1960s still " Atomic " and had this - typical of the time - even as the sole topic; in a later edition of the book was rewritten. The title of Volume 38 was in the first edition still " Prehistoric Mammals ", but in the mid- 1990s changed to " Mammals of antiquity ."


In 2001, the first time was what is what produces TV. In parallel, the brand is represented with a knowledge portal on the Internet. In addition to the well-known books, there are now radio plays, quiz CD -ROMs, videos, DVDs and a board game in the what-is -what- knowledge world. Since 2010, there are apps for iPhone and iPod touch. Have been published: Football Quiz, Germany quiz, dinosaur quiz, Formula 1 Quiz. Since 2007 there is also the what-is -what- junior series with factual stories for children over 5 years, since 2010, what-is -what- mini- series for children from 3 years. The What -is- what - magazine is published bi-monthly since July 2013 in Blue Ocean Entertainment.

  • History ( Ancient Rome, Indians and the Wild West, mummies, knights and castles, pirates, dinosaurs)
  • Natural ( volcanoes, Our Earth, Weather, planets, space, moon and cosmos, the body and brain, trees)
  • Technology ( forensics, film and television, ships, cars, rail, aviation, computers and robots )
  • Animals (sharks, amphibians and reptiles, horses, whales and dolphins, spiders, cats)

List of previously published radio plays

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Radio plays with only one new topic

Since 2012 Tessloff brought five individual episodes that were previously published with a different theme on CD, along with 5 new themes. A sixth such episode is in the planning:

Additional expenses

The Tessloff -Verlag has the Red Cross, the construction industry and the VFA sold the licensing rights for special editions of WAS IST WAS Series. However, the special issue of the VFA is not commercially available, but is distributed free by the pharmaceutical association. A Tessloff spokeswoman said this License constitutes a " marketing background " to.