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Howard Victor Carpendale ( born January 14, 1946 in Durban, South Africa) is a South African pop singer and composer. He had his biggest hit singles in the German speaking countries in the 1970s and 1980s. With albums, he is largely consistent success since the 1980s. Throughout his career, could be sold by him over 25 million records.

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After several unsuccessful attempts in his home as a beat singer and Elvis impersonator Carpendale moved to Europe in 1966. His first stop was the UK, where he took various jobs, including as a singer in a beat band.

The residence permit required for him than South Africans procured him Meta Rogall from Ostfriesland, when he first appeared in Germany. This gave him the opportunity to continue to hoof it through Local.

With a guest appearance in Germany Carpendale spoke in Cologne at the record company Electrola and got a contract shortly thereafter. His first album sold about 60,000 times life sentence. During his time in Cologne Carpendale played among others in the rugby league in the ASV Köln.

In 1969 he had a German cover version of Beatles songs Obladi Oblada his first hit in Germany. A year later, he finished with the beautiful girls from page one first place at the German Schlager Competition 1970.

However, the more success initially remained of his other records sold poorly and the record company was about to terminate the contract with him. Carpendale began composing his own songs and produce. In 1974, his own compositions were such as he took his guitar and you catch the wind never one on the market that have been commercially successful. Together with his former guitarist Joachim Horn he wrote German lyrics to well-known foreign songs like Los hombres no deben llorar / Love me like a stranger ( strangers or friends), Lulelalelula ( your footprints in the sand ), Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay ( Armer old rich man ), Ti amo or Living Next door To Alice ( next door to Alice). Also at the title melody of the children's TV series champion Eder and his Pumuckl he was involved. He was also a regular on the television music programs ZDF hit parade and disco.

Between Temporal farewell to the stage

On 13 December 2003 Carpendale went to his last concert in the Cologne Arena, and so took his already announced in the course of withdrawal from show business. The hitherto successful Carpendale decided to give no more concerts and to release any more records. According to his own statements he wanted to face new challenges, such as acting. In 2001 he played in the U.S. series Dark Realm a major role.

In the summer of 2005, his first record company EMI Electrola released his full LP from 1969 to 1990 as a double CD.

Carpendale 2004 was honored with the Echo for his life's work.


On 18 September 2007 Carpendale explained in the Johannes B. Kerner Show, that he would give from April 2008 back ten concerts in Germany. In Germany its newly -established album was released on 2 November 2007 20 Clock 10 The title is an allusion to the fact that earlier Carpendale generally always stayed around this time on the stage and began his concert. The album placed itself in the first week at # 4 on the Media Control Charts.

In December 2012, Howard Carpendale officially announced to have been by his longtime manager Dieter Weidenfeld ( amicably ) separately.

Family and Others

Carpendale 1963 was South African youth champion in the shot put. In the 1970s, he worked in Germany as a Formula 3 driver.

Howard Carpendale lived first marriage from 1976 to 1984 with Claudia, the divorce it was carried out in autumn / winter 2005. The two have a son, Wayne (* 1977). Since 1983 Carpendale lives with the American Donnice Pierce. From this relationship, the son of Cass dates (* 1988).

1999 had Carpendale a brief appearance at the end of the video clip to Le Smou 4 of the Fantastic Self-deprecating plays Carpendale here Smudo, how he perceives himself after he returned again after an outbreak and some escapades in freedom in the closed institution and of his " fans " is celebrated.

Carpendale announced in February 2003 that he is suffering from multiple sclerosis.


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