Hoy (the " high island " ) has a dimension of about 20 × 9 kilometers and a size of 143.18 km ², the second largest island of the Orkneys, and is separated from it by the three -kilometer-wide Hoy Sound, south of the main island of Mainland.

The highest elevation Hoy and the Orkney is the Ward Hill with 479 m. The island had in 1881 or 1380 inhabitants, today are only about 392 more people out of agriculture, fishing and some tourism.

Administratively, the island is divided into the communities Hoy & Graemsay and Walls.


Main attractions include the location in the northwest on the cliffs Old Man of Hoy, a 137 m high rock pinnacle of Permian, and just north of it the steep cliffs of St Johns Head, with more than 400 meters above sea level, the second highest cliff in the British Isles. At the eastern end of the south coast is the Cape Cantick Head, where since 1858 a 22 m high lighthouse is in operation .. On the northern coast are the remains of the Broch of Braebister.

The interior of about 2.35 meter long rock tomb Dwarfie Stane was hewn out of a 8.5 -meter-long rock crash. It is the northernmost occurrence of this grave type in Europe. The Dwarfie Stane is 50 meters away from the road, about halfway between Moaness Pier and the hamlet Rackwick on the northwest coast. On the Green Hill of Hesti Geo, not far from the "Candle of Snelsetter " and two Gloups ( Meeresaushöhlungen ), is a large and oddly shaped Broch.

The Lyness Naval Base, decades- long base of the British Royal Navy, now serves under the name Scapa Flow Visitor Centre as a museum to display the military historical importance of Scapa Flow.

South Walls

Otherwise, the second largest island of Orkney is a wintering Barnacle Geese and a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. Almost all of the Hoy - Hoy & Graemsay proportion of the community from the north to the center of the island is a bird sanctuary of the Royal Society for Protection of Birds ( RSPB).


Ferry connections consist of Moaness Pier to Stromness ( pedestrians and bicycles) and Lyness after Houton ( roll-on roll-off ); by both Mainland. In contrast to the northern Orkney Hoy has no airport.


  • Hoy was the filming location for the music video of the song " Here Comes The Rain Again" Eurythmics.

Rock grave Dwarfie Stane

Look at Rackwick Bay.

Cantick Head, lighthouse lighthouse keeper's house

Seen Melsetter House from the back

Longhope Village, South Walls

15 - cm gun L/45 quick- charging the brake SMS in Scapa Flow Visitor Centre