The HP -12C is a common, programmable financial calculator from Hewlett -Packard Voyager series. This series includes the models HP- 10C to HP -16C, all of which have a similar appearance as of elongated flat block. The computer is - for over 30 years producing (since 1981) with an unchanged design and functionality, which is likely to be unique for a device in the rapidly developing information technology, especially for a calculator - the only remaining of the standard model.


As input method, the HP -12C uses Reverse Polish Notation (RPN ).

With the HP -12C can be in addition to extensive basic functions of many other standard calculations - even iterative way - financial mathematics perform:

  • Internal rate of return
  • Annuities
  • Present value and the end value
  • Amortization calculations


The HP -12C was first described in 1981 brought on the market. Of all HP calculators, the HP -12C is the most and longest- selling model, which is one outwardly unchanged in trading today.

In 2003, the HP- 12C Platinum came in addition to the market, which has some additional features and a revised design ( platinum color ). From Platinum, there is now a second version, recognizable by the keys with brackets.

Although programming technique and display are outdated by today's standards, these points have not been altered to spare the long-time users getting used to.

Beginning of the 1980s were PCs with spreadsheets -tion programs are not common. The HP -12C was therefore for financial calculations a great relief. He was across the financial services scene a standard and partly also a status symbol. So Goldman Sachs each new qualified staff equipped with an HP -12C. Also various successor models with more features and greater speed could not replace the HP -12C. He probably covers ideal for the necessary needs and is also handy and easy to use. A rumor has it that HP market researchers have found that users subjectively einschätzten the waiting time during a complex calculation as a quality feature: " One moment please, now he expects! "

To mark the 30th anniversary of the HP- 12C is in the late summer of 2011 in the so-called " 30th Anniversary Edition " again been brought by HP in the trade. The design is based strictly on to the original from 1981.