HP WinRunner

WinRunner is part of the "functional test software " components, the other part of QuickTest Professional is an automated GUI testing tool that allows the user to record and replay of interactions with the user interface of the software under test as test scripts. The tool uses a Programmable Test Script Language (TSL ), which allows you to customize and parameterizing of the recordings, such as Black- box testing. It is manufactured by Mercury Interactive, which was acquired by Hewlett -Packard in 2006. It is a HP.com BTO software.

On February 15, 2008 HP announced the end of support for the following versions: 7.5, 7.6, 8.0, 8.2, 9.2 all versions, all editions. For details (as when, limitation, consequential Product / migration support ), see the section links.


It is suitable for automation created regression tests, which provide test cases with data and navigation objects, verifiable results for test coverage of software with GUI. The application is user- true automated to the graphical interface as Blackboxtests. These are programmed in TSL. Test results are generated to provide accurate analyzes of the test cases to get. For this purpose, the return value is checked and added, after an action for verification. Collected return values ​​should not! = 0.

For example:

Public function FRM_Benutzer_Daten ( in table, in test, in idx in fashion ) {   auto rc;   rc = FRM_init_block ( table, test, idx, mode);   if ( rc! = E_OK )    return rc;   RC = FRM_set_window ( " Administration_Benutzer_Bearbeiten " 5);   rc = FRM_edit_set ( table, test, " username ");   rc = FRM_edit_set ( table, test, "Full Name ");   rc = FRM_edit_set ( table, test, " password ");   rc = FRM_edit_set ( table, test, " Password confirmation ");   rc = BUTTON_PRESS ("OK ");   return rc; } Ideally, the result is automatically linked with the requirements, which only allows a real analysis of the test coverage. You mean of all objects, interfaces, equivalence class testing, technical testing and multidisciplinary requirements. This is the HP Quality Center, a web-based system for automated quality testing and management of software set.

Recording variants

There are two ways to take a test with WinRunner:

  • Analog recording: Here all the movements of the mouse, all clicks and keystrokes are recorded and can be played back later. This method is relatively critical, since objects can change their place in newer versions of the program.
  • Context Sensitive Recording: Here, the objects of the graphical user interface are addressed directly, so that, for example, a button " Next" and then pushed when the developers have moved him to a newer version to a different location.


For the software, there are several add- ins:

Custom C / S

  • Windows
  • C / C
  • Visual Basic
  • PowerBuilder
  • Forte
  • Delphi
  • Centura
  • Stingray


  • Baan
  • PeopleSoft Windows
  • SAP ERP 6.0 with a special patch
  • Siebel 5, 6 GUI Clients
  • Oracle GUI Forms
  • Oracle: Jinitiator, 11i, NCA
  • JD Edwards Web Client

Web -Related Environments

  • IE, Netscape, AOL
  • JDK, Java Foundation Classes, AWT
  • Symantec Visual Café
  • ActiveX Controls

As well as interfaces to other testing tools like LoadRunner, Stingray, Topaz, also the HP BTO (formerly Mercury Interactive) are sold, but also open source projects such as the EMOS Framework for Keyword - Driven Testing.

Versions (since 2001)

  • Version 7.0 was released in March 2001
  • Version 7.6 was released in January 2004
  • Version 8.0 ( not very stable ) was published in January 2005
  • Version 8.2 was released on 18 August 2005
  • Version 9.2 (current) appeared in March 2007


WinRunner is not very common in German-speaking countries, it is above all in England, used in the U.S. and India.