HP/De Tijd

HP / De Tijd is a Dutch magazine. It was a weekly paper, since May 2012, it is published monthly, editorial seat is Amsterdam. HP / De Tijd has been published since 1995 by the media company Audax. The number of copies sold was 2008 30.273 copies in the first quarter.


The magazine was formed in 1990 from a merger of De Tijd ( 1845) Haagse Post (since 1914), who both had to fight over the last ten years of her independence with a steady circulation loss. Even after the merger, the rescheduled edition was not to keep. Since the millennium, the tide has, however, in contrast to the (over ) national daily newspapers, which suffered most significant circulation losses experienced no further loss of meaning, but must compete with three other political magazines Elsevier, De Groene Amsterdam and Vrij Nederland.


HP / De Tijd mainly deals with politics and culture. In addition to the treatment of current topics in the form of a weekly overview to interviews, portraits, essays, comments, reports and cartoons found in the magazine. The main focus lies strongly on the domestic, even though the magazine has its own page Buitenlandse zaken ( " Alien " ) that will be discussed on the on a single specific topic, and some events abroad shortly reproduces in its weekly summary in a few sentences. In addition, there are short reviews of books, CDs and DVDs. a special section for food & beverage and a crossword puzzle.

There is cooperation with the German news magazine Der Spiegel, are taken from the extended features, the effort would be to wear for a small magazine like HP / De Tijd hardly ( so, for example, has no foreign correspondents, there is also the Editor of only a fraction of the number of the mirror ).


The assessment of the political orientation of HP / De Tijd turns out different, she was different from other columnists newspapers and magazines in recent years as a right (Jan Blokker, nrc.next ) or at least outside of a described as a left mainstream within the Dutch media landscape ( Paul loved ones, Elsevier ) described lying.


With the 2004 introduction of the online presence HP / De Tijd was the last political weekly magazine in the Netherlands at the start. The website is limited exclusively to product. In newsletter, RSS feeds, podcasts or multimedia content is omitted.

Well-known former or current editors / staff

  • Guikje Roethof. She worked until 1994 as a Parliament editor at the magazine, and was then dismissed because her candidacy for the party Democraten 66 in the parliamentary elections of that year was incompatible with a neutral reporting. Roethof then managed a place in the Second Chamber of the States General, and was there until 1998 MP.
  • Gregorius Nekschot, cartoonist

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