Hradce ( German Hradzen ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located ten kilometers southwest of Ceske Budejovice in South Bohemia České Budějovice and belongs to the.


Hradce is located on the right side above the valley of the brook Dehtářský creek on a plateau in the eastern foothills of the Blanský. In the south, the Švehlany the Kašparka (612 m) and rises Kluk (520 m), southwest (740 m ) in the west of Haberský vrch (718 m). South of the town runs the railway line České Budějovice - Černý Kříž, the station Hradce is 500 meters outside of the village in the forest Paniny.

Neighboring towns are Lipí in the north, U Zajíčka and Kaliště u Lipí in the northeast, Závraty, Nové Homole and Dvůr Koroseky in the east, U Nové hospody, Koroseky and Vrábče the southeast, U Veverků, U Zastávky, Zahrádky Zahrádka in the south, Mříč, Na Padělků and Slavče the southwest, U Konopi, Hastrman, Poviser, Adámek and Chmelná in the west and Cihlář, Ludvik, Vobr and Habří in the northwest.


North of the village remains of a prehistoric settlement have been found from the bronze, Hallstatt - La Tène period and in the hallway Travni. Not far from a hillside grave from the time it was discovered around 750-500 BC in the monolayer U Zajíčka in which a temporal Hallstatt chieftain's grave is suspected.

The first written mention of the village was carried out in 1375 in a deed of ownership over three Huben forest and two ponds in Hradcziich. In 1840 the was subservient to the rule Krumlov Dominikaldorf Hradzen / Hradec of six houses with 39 inhabitants. Vicarage was Duben, the school was held in Prabsch.

After the abolition of patrimonial Na Hradci / Hradzen formed in 1850 a settlement of the municipality Vrábče in the District Commission Budějovice / Budweis. At the end of the 19th century the village was temporarily called Hradec. 1891 took south of the village built by the Austrian local railway company Lokalbahn Budweis - Gojau the traffic on. 1914 lived in the village 33 consistently Czech -speaking people .. in 1924 the official name of locality of Na Hradci in Hradce was changed. On 12 June 1960, the separation of the village of Vrábče and the other My Dung after Homole was. Since November 24, 1990 Hradce is the first time in its history was a separate municipality.

Community structure

For the community Hradce no districts are reported. To Hradce include the monolayer U Veverků ( Wewerka ) and U Zajíčka ( Zagic ).


  • Chapel on the outskirts
  • Niche chapel, north of the village on the road fork to Lipí and Závraty
  • Homesteads in the South Bohemian folk Baroque
  • Steinerner transformer tower