Hronec ( Rhonitz German, Hungarian Kisgaram - to 1888 Rohnic ) is a town in central Slovakia, with 1217 inhabitants ( 31 December 2011) and is located in Okres Brezno, a circle of Banskobystrický kraj.


The municipality is located in the countryside near the river Horehronie Čierny Hron, a tributary of the Hron. South of the town rises the mountain Veporské Hills. The center is located at an altitude of 492 m nm and is located seven kilometers from Brezno and 37 kilometers from Banská Bystrica.


Hronec built in the 14th century on the territory of the castle Liptsch and was first mentioned in writing in 1357. In the 16th century it was the site of iron ore mines and ironworks of the Banskobystricky chamber. The iron production came to a renewed upswing in the second half of the 18th century. 1795 the first blast furnace was built, plus a second came in 1804. There was the so-called complex of Hronec, which consisted of blast furnaces in surrounding communities, a number of hammer mills and later three rolling mills. The first cast iron bridge was manufactured in 1810. In 1883 the blast furnaces was demolished, leaving only the foundry was; 1885 came to a factory for the production of enameled ware. In 1919 the foundry was purchased by the state and modernized in 1922-23.

1953 split-off from a part of the church today Podbrezová.

Today, in addition to the foundry is also a saw that cuts timber from the surrounding forests.


Results according to the census 2001 (1.157 inhabitants):

After Ethnicity:

  • 97.49 % Slovaks
  • 1.56% gypsy
  • 0.78% Czechs

After Religion:

  • 77.46 % Roman Catholic
  • 15.73 % religious affiliation
  • 2.68% Evangelical


  • Roman Catholic Church of St. Kliment built in classical style, 1821-26
  • Bell tower on the square of 1835 with four bells
  • Baroque country palace from the 18th century
  • Cast iron bridge of 1810 before the local foundry
  • Black Gran web

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Alajos Szokolyi (Slovak Alojz Sokol ), Hungarian athlete
  • Ladislav Chudík (* 1924), Slovak actor

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  • Hronec
  • Kraj municipality in Banskobystrický
  • Location in Slovakia