The HSL 1 ( Dutch: Hogesnelheidslijn 1, French: Ligne à grande LGV 1 or vitesse 1) is a Belgian high-speed line between Brussels and the French border near Lille. It is 87.9 km long, with 76.1 km new railway line and 11.8 km rail line, and bindeth the Belgian capital with Lille, London and Paris.


The 71 km long new railway line runs from the Franco-Belgian border at home When ( about 15 km southeast of Lille) until after Lembeek ( about 17 km south of Brussels). In Antoing a 438 m long bridge over the Scheldt was born. In a single-track Maubray equal-height branch to existing line Tournai - Mons- Namur was created. Between 49 and 51 km of lines (from Brussels) crosses the line at Arbre on a 2 km long viaduct the Dendretal.

At a length of about 30 km, the new line was directly along existing roads such as the railway line Tournai and Brussels and the E429 motorway traced out (roads bundling).


In the course of the track assembly, the existing line was expanded to four tracks in the section between Lembeek and Brussels. On 27 October 1997, the tests began with the Thalys PBKA unit 4301, where after a few days the Belgian record speed was increased to 354 km / h. Construction costs amounted to the equivalent of about 2.5 billion marks.

The official inauguration took place on 14 December 1997. The speed limit in 71 km long new section is 300 km / h in the 17-km extension section ( in the Brussels area ) at 220 km / h A source from 2002 speaks of an operating speed of 320 km / h on the new line. The commissioning of the route, the travel time between Paris and Brussels shortened to one hour and 22 minutes.

After opening of the line, the number of Thalys passengers increased in the first six weeks (compared to the same period last year ) by 72 per cent to half a million to. The track is now (as of 2010) from the Thalys, the TGV and traveled from Euro Star.


The track is consistently executed with a ballasted track with monobloc concrete sleepers and UIC -60 rails and fully fenced. The newly built part of the track is electrified at 25 kV 50 Hz AC, the old section of the course developed with 3 kV DC. As a train control system comes TVM 430 are used.


Roads bundling

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