HTTrack Website Copier - abbreviated " HTTrack " - is a software that helps copies of entire sites can be created in a local directory, such as on a hard drive. The structure of the link remains operational.


The program is Free Software released under the GNU General Public License ( GPL for short ) published.

Applications of HTTrack are eg offline copies of websites for computers without Internet connection and securing of web content for archiving, for example, before the shutdown of a website.

Archived pages can be updated and interrupted downloads can be continued. By means of filter lists certain types of documents can include or exclude.

For downloading HTTrack uses a so-called web crawlers. Unless disabled, the requirements of the robots.txt be observed. Also references (left English) performed within Flash and Java applications (or applets ), as well as those that have been generated by simple JavaScripts be.

In addition to the command-line version, there are variants with graphical user interface - " HTTrack " for Windows ( Windows 2000) and " webhttrack " for unix -like systems (such as Linux, Unix, BSD and Mac). The Windows version is available in 32 or 64 bits, and each as a Portable Software. The user interface can be respectively set apart from English into several other languages ​​.

From another author exists for Linux, a similar user interface as HTTrack, the project is called HTTraQt.