Huangchuan County

Huangchuan (Chinese潢川 县, Pinyin Huangchuan Xiàn ) is a district of the prefecture-level city of Xinyang in Henan province. It has an area of 1638 km ² and has 790,000 inhabitants.

The old town from the old state Huang (黄 国 故城Huangguo Gucheng ) is since 2006 on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China ( 6-142 ).

Administrative Divisions

At the community level, Huangchuan sets of four road districts, nine large municipalities, eight municipalities, a state farm and an economic development zone together. These are:

  • Road district Dingcheng (定 城 街道), the seat of county government;
  • Road district Chunshen (春申 街道);
  • Road district Laocheng (老城 街道);
  • Road District Yiyang (弋阳 街道);
  • Greater community Butaji (卜塔 集镇);
  • Greater community Fudian (傅 店镇);
  • Greater community Huangsigang (黄寺 岗镇);
  • Greater community Jiangjiaji (江 家 集镇);
  • Greater community Renhe (仁 和 镇);
  • Greater community Sanpi (伞 陂镇);
  • Greater community Shuangliushu (双 柳树 镇);
  • Greater community Taolinpu (桃林 铺镇);
  • Greater community Xuezi (踅 孜 镇);
  • Community Baidian (白 店乡);
  • Community Chuanliudian (传 流 店乡);
  • Community Lailong (来 龙乡);
  • Community Longgu (隆 古 乡);
  • Community Shangyougang (上油 岗乡);
  • Community Tandian (谈 店乡);
  • Community Weigang (魏岗乡);
  • Community Zhangji (张集乡);
  • Economic Development Zone Huangchuan (潢川 经济 技术 开发区);
  • State Farm Huanghu (黄 湖 农场).