Huaxi District

Huaxi (花溪 区) is a district of the city of Guiyang, capital of southwest China's Guizhou Province.

The municipality is composed of the southern " suburbs " Guiyang. From the city center it is about 12 km away. Huaxi has an area of ​​957.6 km ² and 326 538 inhabitants (31 December 2004); the population density is 341 inhabitants / km ².

The municipality extends approximately from 106 ° 27 ' to 106 ° 52 ' East and 26 ° 1 ' to 26 ° 34 ' North. From north to south it is about 45 km long from east to west about 43 km wide. Its altitude ranges from 1030 m to 1326 m. 32 % of the surface Huaxis is covered by forest.

Administrative Divisions

Huaxi is composed of three road districts, three large municipalities, four municipalities and Nationality six municipalities:

  • Road district Guizhu (贵 筑 街道);
  • Road district Qingxi (清溪 街道);
  • Road district Xibei (溪北 街道);
  • Large village Qingyan (青岩 镇);
  • Large village Jinzhu (金 竹 镇);
  • Greater community Shiban (石板 镇);
  • Community Jiu'an (久 安 乡);
  • Community Dangwu (党 武乡);
  • Community Yanlou (燕 楼乡);
  • Community Maiping (麦 坪乡);
  • Community Gaopo the Miao (高 坡 苗族 乡);
  • Community Xiaobi the Bouyei and Miao (小碧 布依族 苗族 乡);
  • Community Mengguan the Miao and Bouyei (孟 关 苗族 布依族 乡);
  • Community Huchao the Miao and Bouyei (湖 潮 苗族 布依族 乡);
  • Community Qiantao the Bouyei and Miao (黔 陶 布依族 苗族 乡);
  • Community Maling of Bouyei and Miao (马铃 布依族 苗族 乡).

On 20 July 2005, the " large village Huaxi " (花 溪镇) and the " community of Huaxi Bouyei and Miao " (花溪 布依族 苗族 乡) were resolved on a resolution of the Guizhou provincial government. The three road district Guizhu, Qingxi and Xibei were created out of their territory, which form the urban center of the municipality.

Ethnic structure of the population Huaxis (2000)

At the census in 2000, Huaxi had 337 177 inhabitants.