Hucbald of Saint- Amand ( Hucbaldus Elnonensis ) (c. 840 Fleurus, (Flanders), † June 20 930 in Abbey of Saint -Amand ) was a monk and one of the earliest music theorists of the West.

Hucbald (also called Hubaldus ) studied in the monastery of Saint- Amand, where his uncle Milo had an important position. After a surprising success as a musician he had to leave the monastery and founded his own school in Nevers. However, after studying in St. Germain d' Auxerre he was from 872 back in his home monastery of Saint- Amand. He succeeded his uncle (with whom he had reconciled himself ) as head of the convent school. Between 883 and 900, he worked in various places as a reformer of music schools, including St. Bertin and Reims. In the year 900, he returned to Saint- Amand, where he remained until his death in 930.

The only work that is attributed to him today clearly is, De harmonica institutione ( probably around 880). In it, he discussed the hexatonic scale and the eight modes ( modes). Further, he wrote numerous saints' lives, poems and liturgical hymns.

Following publication by Gerbert of Hornau ( in Scriptores de musica ) he was kept long for the author further - very important - music theory works (Musica enchiriadis, Scholia enchiriadis, De musica alia ); However, these were written after his death until about two generations. The authorship is unknown, as the author of pseudo - Hucbald is called in the literature. These writings had great influence on the development of high medieval music in the West: the early forms of polyphonic music making ( Organum and Diaphonia ) were first discussed in detail in them. This is characterized by parallel fifths and Oktavverdopplung. In De alia musica a new notation was presented with 18 different pitches, in which the syllables of the sung text were placed on horizontal lines. Thus, the rise and fall of pitch in whole and half tones of the musicians was illustrated for the first time. Also found here first the application of the first seven letters of the Latin alphabet to Tonbezeichnung ( a precursor of the solmization ).