Hude, Schleswig-Holstein

Hude is a municipality in the district of North Friesland Schleswig -Holstein.

Geography and transport

Hude is located about 12 km southeast of Husum and about 5 km northeast of Frederick City on the border between March and Geest. South of the village runs the federal highway 202 connects the city with Friedrich Rendsburg.

Hude is one of the so-called Hude places that a group of a few place names ( Hude (Oldenburg ) ) but make a few hundred prefixes and suffixes to place names. You are in Holstein ( with spread Schleswig, Hamburg ( Winterhude ) and Mecklenburg ), Lower Saxony, used in the Netherlands ( - hijde ) and in England ( - hithe ).


Municipal council

Since the local elections of 2008, the voters Community WGH all seven seats in the municipal council. In the local elections on 26 April 2013 change took place. The turnout was 60.5 percent.


For the election period 2013-2018 Frank Shepherd ( WGH ) was re-elected mayor.

Coat of arms

Blazon: " split half and shared. A gold bell at the top right in blue, top left in red a golden mill wheel, down in gold over a narrow and a wider blue wave a red thread barge. "

Fire department

Since March 2013, the fire protection is ensured by the newly formed volunteer fire department Hude - Fresendelf - Süderhöft. At the same time the fire department Fresendelf - Hollbüllhuus - Süderhöft was dissolved.