Hudson River

Hudson River photographed from Camp Smith Trail, branch of the Appalachian Trail, looking towards the south, approximately 70 miles from New York City

Catchment areas of the Hudson River and Mohawk River

Mouth of the Hudson River: 1: Hudson River, 2: East River, 3: Long Iceland Sound, 4 Newark Bay, 5: Upper New York Bay, 6: Lower New York Bay, 7: Jamaica Bay, 8: Atlantic

The Hudson River [ ˌ hʌdsn̩ ɹɪvɚ ] is a 493 km long river in the U.S. states of New York and New Jersey in the northeastern United States.


The Hudson rises in the U.S. state of New York in the Adirondack Mountains on Lake Henderson. From there it flows predominantly to the south by that State in Albany and takes the water from the Mohawk River on. Only in the lower course, it forms part of the border of the neighboring state of New Jersey and reached in front of his mouth of New York Harbor. In the Atlantic Ocean, it flows between the islands of Manhattan and Long Iceland and on Staten Iceland on the other.

The lower reaches of the Hudson is inferior to the influence of the tides. The tidal range is still over 225 kilometers upstream, to the weir in Troy, New York, north of Albany, noticeable. Therefore, the Hudson not be referred to as full-length river. This section is called Estuary (German: estuary ) refers.

The Hudson drained together with its tributaries, notably the Mohawk River, a large area in the eastern U.S..

Because of the beauty of the Hudson River Hudsontals the name The Rhine of America was awarded.


The indigenous people originally living in the area, the Mahican, called the river " Mahicannituck ," meaning " water that is always flowing ." The Europeans discovered in 1524 by the Italian Giovanni da Verrazano the river. He was later named after Henry Hudson, an English navigator who explored it in 1609 for the Dutch. On September 13, 1609, he sailed the river discovered.

To the attention of a worldwide audience of the Hudson River reached on 15 January 2009, when the pilot Chesley Burnett Sullenberger of U.S. Airways Flight 1549 performed a spectacular emergency landing on the Hudson River at the height of Manhattan Iceland.


The river is navigable upstream to Albany. 8 km north of Albany is the first dam ( Federal Dam ) and the first lock on the Hudson River. Above the branches of built in the 19th century Erie Canal, connecting the Hudson River with Lake Erie, off to the west. The middle reaches of the Hudson River is expanded with several locks as Champlain Canal. At Fort Edward the branches on the eastern river bank and extends north to Lake Champlain.

Hydropower plants

At the upper Hudson River are several hydroelectric plants.

The hydropower plant Green Iceland 8 km north of Albany is located at the lowermost dam on the Hudson River. It is planned to increase the power of 6 MW to 48 MW.

A selection of water turbines in downstream direction: