Hugh Blandford

Hugh Francis Blandford ( born January 24, 1917 in Southampton, † 20 September 1981 Hertfordshire) was a British chess composer.

Chess composition

Blandford learned in his school days playing chess and started in 1930 to compose the same time, what he did not give up until his death. He mainly composed studies and preferred elegant and airy positions. Approximately 200 studies of him have been published. He was also known for his participation in the GBR code.

Solution: 1 Lc3 -d4 KA7 - a8! 2 c2 - c4 Sf1 -d2 3 c4 c5 Nd2 -b3 4 c5 - c6 Sb3 a5 5 c6 - c7 Sa5 c6! 6 c7 - C8T ! Under this transformation wins but not 6 - c7 C8D ? Nc6 - b8 and after a Three Kings is black tortie or even 6 Kd7xc6? stalemate

In August 1951, he took over from Richard Guy column for the small finals in the British Chess Magazine, which he continued until February 1972. By the end of 1977, he created the index for the EC magazine from July 1972. 1961 Blandford was appointed to the International Referee for chess composition. But probably he was never judges.


With his parents and two younger brothers Blandford spent some years of his childhood in Jamaica. There, his father was a pastor.

Blandford married 1946 Marjorie Cox. On the leading to Oxford education of their children, David, Susan and Sally were both proud of. He made expertise in metallurgy. Shortly after his retirement, he died of a heart attack.