Hugh of Vermandois (bishop)

Hugh of Vermandois (* 920, † 962 ) from the family of the Carolingians was the youngest son of Count Heribert II of Vermandois.

In 925, his father made by the choice of five -year-old Hugo Archbishop of Reims and his own appointment as manager of the Archbishop's estate.

932 Hugo was expelled when the Robertiner Hugo the Great conquered during his feud with Hugo's father Reims and his own favorites, the monk Artold began. Hugo the Great and Hereward alliance against King Louis IV then led in 940 to re- conquest of the city, the expulsion Artolds ( Ludwig had remained faithful ) and reinstatement of Heribert's son. Hugo's final expulsion happened 946, when, after his father's death ( 943 ) the troops of Louis were able to conquer the city of Reims. On the Universal Synod of Ingelheim Artold 948 confirmed as archbishop.

The Archbishop Hugh of Vermandois should not be confused with the Crusaders Hugh of Vermandois, who died in Tarsus 1101.

  • Roman Catholic Bishop ( 10th Century )
  • Archbishop of Reims
  • Count (Reims )
  • Carolingian
  • Born 920
  • Died 962
  • Man