Hugo Kronecker

Karl Hugo Kronecker ( born January 27, 1839 in Liegnitz (Silesia ), now Poland, † June 6, 1914 in Bad Nauheim ) was a German physiologist. He is the brother of the mathematician Leopold Kronecker ( 1823-1891 ).


Kronecker came from an educated and wealthy Jewish merchant family from 1859 and studied medicine in Berlin, Heidelberg and Pisa. He was a member of the fraternity Allemannia Heidelberg in WS 1859/60. He graduated in 1863 with his Doctor of Medicine, on muscle fatigue during Heinrich Emil du Bois -Reymond in Berlin from. After working as an assistant to Ludwig Traube, as well as Wilhelm Kühne.

In 1868 he went to the managed by Carl Ludwig Institute of Physiology, University of Leipzig, where he served as medical officer in 1871 assistant to Ludwig after participating in the Franco-German War. After his habilitation in 1872 he became a lecturer and associate professor in 1875 in Leipzig. From 1877 he was an associate professor in Berlin and head of the Institute of Physiology.

From 1884 to 1914 he was a follower of Paul Griitzner Professor of Physiology at the University of Bern, which he was Rector 1894-95. He dealt with the altitude sickness and created in 1894 the medical expertise for the construction of the Jungfrau Railway.


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