Hugo Porta

As of November 10, 1990

Hugo Porta ( born September 11, 1951 in Buenos Aires ) is a former Argentine rugby union player who played at the position of the connector. He was in his position one of the best players of all time and was inducted into the International Rugby Hall of Fame in 1997. He played 57 international matches for Argentina, but he ran 34 times on as captain, scoring 432 points.

Porta began his athletic career as a soccer player before he opted for Rugby Union. In 1971 he stood for the first time when Argentina clash with Chile on the field. Six years later he was appointed captain. The first game under him lost the Argentines against France with 3:26 in the second game of both teams managed the " Pumas " a respectable draw.

1979 saw the team led by the architect Porta studied for one of the greatest victories in the history of Argentine rugby. In his hometown of Buenos Aires, the " Cougars " were the first ones with the Australians 24:13, Porta scoring only 18 points. In the following games to Fiji to beat twice and reach a draw against England succeeded. 1983 repeated the Argentines success against Australia by winning in Brisbane with 18:3. This was followed by a win against France and the historic draw against New Zealand, scoring at the Porta all 21 points for his team.

At 36, he led Argentina to the first World Cup in 1987, when came off after a win and two defeat in the first round. After this tournament Porta finished his career for the time being. 1990, 39, he came back again to play against Ireland, England and Scotland.

In 1991 he was appointed ambassador of his country in South Africa. In 1994 he was Argentina's Minister of Sport and remained so faithful to the rugby. Its popularity was reflected in 2000 when thieves stole his car and gave it back again, as they had read in the newspaper to whom it belonged.

In 2008, he was inducted into the IRB Hall of Fame.